Does your audience see the value in your brand?

With this brand workshop we help companies connect with their audience, define their voice and align their communications to their goals.

This is how our process can help you.

Brand Strategy Workshop 

1. Why, how, what

This focuses you on why you get out of bed in the morning to do what you do. Basically why your company exists. This is based on Simon Sinek’s “Golden Circle”. The idea is people buy WHY you do something not what you do. This is what we need to talk about in your messaging.


2. Brand values

This expands on your ‘why’. These values will form a base for everything you do, from writing a blog post to how you treat your staff. It will also help to align your employees around a common goal. We will also drill down on every value and explain what exactly it means in the context of your business.


3. Audience

Empathy is an important skill in business, the better you understand your audience the more able you are to provide a product that they value. We’ll help you identify your audiences needs and how you can fulfil them. We can help you find insights from your customers and gather feedback on your brand.


4. Personality

This exercise will help you define your personality in the context of other well known brands. It’s a useful tool to visually represent your personality in a digestible manner. This will help form a base for all future communications. 


5. Competitive landscape

This is the conceptual place you want to own in the target consumer’s mind. This exercise helps identify gaps in the market that you can then exploit. It also gives you a birds eye of the competition and where you sit in relation to them. 


6. Onliness statement

This concept was originally developed by Marty Neumeier and is used by successful strategy designers all over the world. It brings together everything we’ve discovered in the session into a succinct phrase that will help focus your business.


Want to create something amazing?

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