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The Challenge
The founders of Pastora contacted Bridge Studio to create a brand for their new café and natural wine shop. They had a multitude of ideas and directions they wanted to take. We had to define the key emotions we wanted their target audience to feel when entering the shop. We were also challenged with how to create a community around the shop. We discovered that their brand purpose was to support local suppliers and education the public about quality products in a down to earth environment while staying humble.

The Solution
After the brand discovery workshop we uncovered two principles that would guide us throughout the project. First was a nostalgic love of Madrid in the 1950s and the second was a desire to balance this with a sense of modernity. With this in mind we took influence from vintage bars in Madrid and old Spanish kitchens. The sense of nostalgia also brought back memories of a stronger local community. This aligned with their core values and desire to create a community around the shop by holding food and drink events. 

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