UX & brand courses

Whether you are just starting out or are a seasoned pro, we have classes that can help give you a competitive advantage. These online classes will help you level-up your brand, UX and colour theory skills.

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UX Design Intro

UX Design introduction. User Experience Design Fundamentals

Learn the high-level fundamentals you need to know about UX. This course will give you the tools you need to know to be able analyse UX designs. Learning the Laws of UX will help you better connect and understand your users. The Principles of UX Course is also useful for seasoned designers to review the foundations and check if they are applying them to their work.

Colour class James Eccleston

Colour Theory Applied to Online Projects

Learn the science behind color to create engaging and cohesive digital designs that improve communication
Color plays a crucial role in the communication process, as it establishes a deep connection with the audience through human psychology and cultural context. Branding and UX expert James Eccleston has found in color one of the most powerful tools for solving problems through design.

User Testing

User testing. Learn the quickest way to improve your UX designs by testing them with real users 

In this class you will learn how to improve your web or app designs super fast. User Testing is a skill that every UX designer should know that and master. The class is for designers that already have some knowledge of UX and would like to take their skills to the next level, more experienced designers can also review these classes and check if they are applying them to their work. The class is for designers from beginner to advanced levels.


Brand strategy for online platforms. Learn how to create and apply a brand to your website

In a constantly evolving digital ecosystem, adapting to new digital platforms and formats is commonplace for designers.  Adaptability is key, however, the true purpose of a designer is to interpret a brand’s vision through shape and color to best connect them with their audience. With this course, strategic designer James Eccleston guides designers through his clear and methodical approach for thinking conceptually about digital branding strategy, demonstrating how this approach creates more powerful and cohesive brands.