La Noria Coffee Project.

Brand creation and packaging.

The product was produced by two independent Colombian coffee farmers for socially conscious coffee connoisseurs in Europe. One of the needs of coffee farmers was to sell directly to the European markets giving them a good ROI. The needs of the socially conscious coffee connoisseurs were to feel good about contributing to independent coffee farmers and to buy a unique niche product.

Goal 1: Create a link between the independent coffee farmer and the customer
One of the main purposes of the initiative is to help independent coffee farmers in Colombia sell to the European markets. While carrying out a discovery session this insight helped us to surfaced the importance of creating a personal link with the individual coffee farmer and the customer. This was then resolved in two ways. One; use the first name of the coffee farmer as the name of the coffee in large bold typography. Two; incorporate an abstracted map pattern within the typography of where the farmer is from in Colombia.

Goal 2: Differentiate and create shelf presence
The specialist coffee market is now becoming saturated with competitors. This lead us to create a visual identity that would stand out from the rest of the cool coffee crowd. The solution was to use a varied and fairly bright colour palette with large bold capitalised typography. The typeface had slightly rounded corners to give it a friendly appearance, offsetting the heaviness of the weight of the font.

Goal 3: Create a challenger brand
Because of the ultra small amount of coffee that each farmer could produce the brand could not compete against its bigger rivals neither on price or market share. This is when we decided the brand should become the ‘loved under dog’, bringing the fight to the big guys. The solution was to create playful messaging that would connect with a socially conscious public.