The Problem

We were tasked with creating an app from scratch that allowed users to upload their own photos to compete directly with others in a fun and open manner. The motives and backgrounds of a typical users had to be researched and a brand identity that connected with them also had to be created.

The Solution

Once the core users were defined we then developed a fun yet sophisticated brand that spoke to photography enthusiasts from the amateur to the profesional. Running parallel to this we developed a voting system that pitched two photos against each other plus a system of theme based groups.

User personas

Part of the brand / UX crossover is to develop user personas and identify their needs. Once we knew what their needs were we could then develop solutions and a tone of voice that connected with them. 

Brand Development

The brand personality was defined using a system of archetypes and from there a set of brand values were developed. This formed a solid base that guided interactions various situations as well as the visual identity. 

First wireframe designs & testing

After developing the initial user stories we created black and white wireframes that were user tested on paper. 

High fidelity designs and prototype

After we had created the lo-fidelity designs we then moved on to a more detailed hi-fidelity design which could then be turned into a prototype to be tested on the iPhone.

The Finished Product

Once the product had been user tested, improvements to the design were made and then it was programmed ready for the app store.