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Why workshop with us? 

Workshops are a quick way to create ideas that are ready to take forward to development. They can resolve problems that usually take weeks of discussion and meetings to sort, compressing potentially weeks of work into a few hours. The result? A clear set of actions to take forward. 

Don’t invest months of time trying to figure it out alone. Invest a few hours with us and we’ll work it out together. 

Brand workshop

Who we've design workshops and classes for

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Brand Positioning Workshop with bridge studio and James Eccleston

Brand Positioning

The perfect way to create a solid base for all your brand communications and business decisions. We’ll uncover what the core personality and traits of your brand are. 

  • Discover the real purpose of your brand 
  • Define your audience and identify how you can best serve them 
  • Brand archetypes: based on your audience’s needs, we’ll define the personality of your brand and how it ‘speaks’ 
  • Define your core brand values 
  • Write a positioning statement that will summarise what you do, who for, and why, in one phrase

Problem Solving

In just a few hours, your team will able to identify significant challenges, pick out possible solutions, and prioritise what to put into motion without a long-winded debate.

  • Create a journey map to get a global view of your process
  • Get input from your key stakeholders to enable more
    informed decisions
  • Write ‘How Might We’ questions that enable your team to focus on solution-based thinking
  • Vote on the most important issues to solve
  • Create a hierarchy of the best solutions
Problem Solving Workshop
Team Motivation Workshop

Team Motivation

Perfect for creating actionable ideas to increase motivation within your organisation.

  • Learn about the key ideas that motivate people beyond money
  • Gain points of view from different perspectives within the organisation
  • Brainstorm ideas based on your key insights from the stakeholders
  • Create a personalised list of demotivating actions to avoid
  • Plan and designate tasks to improve your teams motivation


This is perfect for organisations that want a core set of messages, in order to discover the foundation of their future communications.

  •  Messaging aimed at business initiatives
  • Learn how to write a value proposition
  • Write messages that will connect with your audience
  • Discover which types of words capture people’s attention
  • Identify the top three most common objections and develop responses to handle these objections
  • Align your organisation’s unique selling points with your audience’s pain points
  • Develop a Feature, Benefit, and Value framework
Messaging workshop
Landing Page Design Workshop

Landing Page Design

This is perfect for anyone who wants to understand the core elements of what goes into a landing page. In this workshop, we will build a basic wireframe that will show you what type of content you need to include on a landing page and give UI designers clear instructions on how to visually form the page.

The aim of the workshop is to create a rough layout, rather than being focused on visual design. You don’t need to be a designer to take part!

  • Learn how users navigate a landing page
  • Define your website’s main goals
  • Write attention grabbing headlines
  • Learn how to keep users engaged

Custom Workshops

If you have something specific in mind that you’d like us to build a workshop for, please get in touch! We have over 20 years of experience in branding, UX design, naming, and editorial design - all of which we draw on to level up you and your organisation.

In the past, we’ve done workshops for NGOs, Fintech companies, Universities, and tech start-ups.

Brand workshop

The workshop was fantastic. We just had 4 new people join the team and it was the perfect way to align everybody around our brand values and purpose. The workshop gave us clarity on how we should best communicate with our audience and our positioning within the market. Thank you Bridge Studio for your invaluable help.

Monica Herreras

Founder & Director | Viajes Tumaini


Behind the scenes

We'd be more than happy to chat if you have any questions about how we run our workshops.

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