Design Sprint

Create a prototype for your digital product in just 4 days

What is a design sprint anyway?

A design sprint is a short but intense process to quickly and effectively test a new concept. It’s a great way to kick-off a project and deliver an initial product in record time.

Who we've worked with

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What's the design sprint process?

Whole group

Day 1


  • Insights from experts

  • Define the goal

  • Create tons of ideas

Whole group

Day 2

Curtate & refine

  • Curate ideas
  • Produce a storyboard for the prototype


Day 3


  • Create interactive prototype
  • Organise testing


Day 4

User testing

  • Test prototype with users
    Create a list of next steps

What do you get at the end of the design sprint?


A high-fidelity interactive prototype 


Your team will be aligned with no more squabbles 


A clear list of next steps to be taken to progress the prototype


All the Figma design files and IP handed over to you


App design

Where is a design spint used?

The OnCard app project used a core part of the design sprint process to develop the initial design.

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Behind the scenes

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