MFS Africa

Johannesburg, South Africa

Bridge Studio

The Challenge

MFS Africa is an African mobile money company. They facilitate the transfer of money where few people have bank accounts. Their clients include some of the biggest telecoms companies in the world. They were tasked with created a money transfer app for one of Africa‚Äôs largest telecommunications company, MTN.

The Solution

Bridge Studio provided an expert UX team that would design a mobile money transfer app. We worked closely with MFS Africa to define the target audience and their needs. We identified the main functionalities and created user stories. We then produced black and white wireframes and validated them with gorilla testing. We then moved on to the high-fidelity designs which were tested with real users.

Process Vector2x
User Flow Vector2x
User persona
User flow
Money transfer app design
UX design
Money transfer app design
UX design
Money transfer UX

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