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Creative problem solving that benefits society as a whole


UX design

We create intuitive apps and engaging websites designed to connect with your audience and improve ROI. We achieve this will a solid UX strategy.


Workshops can resolve problems that usually take weeks of discussion and meetings to sort out, compressing potentially weeks of work into a few hours.


We help companies connect with their audience with strategic purposeful branding. We only work with companies that make a positive impact on the world.

Selected work

Create your digital product faster with a design sprint

A design sprint is a powerful tool to solve problems and push through limitations. It’s a great way to rapidly prototype new ideas, test hypothesis and learn from customer insights.

Fintech problems cover

Fintech apps: how to resolve the most common problems
Fintech apps have become an increasingly popular way for people to manage their finances, pay bills, make investments, and more…

Kenya Workshop Drone Shot

Workshops for Good: Bridge Studio in Kenya 
Bridge Studio Creative Director James Eccleston’s trip to Kenya over the summer preluded the launch of an exciting new workshop collaboration with Viajes Tumaini…

Super app

What are super apps and will they take over?Just when you think you’ve got things figured out, like how apps should be super specific and do one job very well, something comes along and does a giant poo on that idea. Right now.…

Fintech Branding

The Beauties and the Beasts of Financial Branding 
The financial services industry has been undergoing a slow and painful transformation in the last 20 years. A new generation of…

Developer working

How to spot & hire amazing fintech developers
Hiring a bad fintech developer is like dating someone who appears amazing and then the moment you decide to commit they....

Fintech trends

6 fintech UX design tips to keep ahead of the game
Gone are the days when UX/UI designers ran for the door when their firms announced projects with financial institutions. While the …